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Each year more than 15 000 homes get high quality home climate from us and our dealers


Ideal home climate TO ALL

Our air to air heat pump and A/C selection reflects the best possible options at any price range offering energy savings and ideal home climate thats affordable to almost everybody.


Energy saving solutions

Heating a home and domestic water up to 78% more efficiently has a remarkably positive effect on minimising our impact on climate change.


Join us, grow with us!

Bestair is the official service & aftersales partner of the represented brands and we have a broad installation network in all our markets guaranteeing high quality in all departments.


Best brands

Bestair focuses on best brands at any given range or market section.


60 years of innovation

Panasonic has been the driving force in innovating indoor heating and cooling for more than 60 years now.


Affordable HVAC leader

Cooper&Hunter has taken the HVAC market by storm with affordable yet efficient heat pumps and ACs.


Optimized heat pumps

Ambista Electric focuses on smaller selection of models with higher functionality within the range.


Smart HVAC controllers

AirPatrol heat pump smart controllers fit almost any heat pump and allow for its control via WiFi or SMS.

Solar energy systems

SMA offers solutions for all photovoltaic applications, from residential to large-scale solar power systems.



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